Monday, July 31, 2017

Underwood European Tour Summer 2k17

Last Monday morning, I got into the car with President and Sister Brown so that we could start the 8 city zone conference tour. I am so grateful that they asked if I would come with them. In the car, you are able to see a different side of them that most people don't get to see. They tell you their favorite movies and scriptures and foods and anything else because the drive from Lyon to Bordeaux is about 6 hours long. When I got to the Bordeaux apartment, i picked up the juggling balls and started to juggle. What I didn't know is that Elder Eberhard is a juggling pro and he basically made my skills look silly. The Perigueux Elders also stayed the night there. I was so happy to talk about all of the people that I knew in Perigueux. I heard that the Garcias are doing great. I never realized how much i could love and miss them. My heart is still in Perigueux.

On Tuesday, we woke up and played ultimate frisbee because Elder Eberhard is a pro at that too. We got to the conference later and the Zone Leaders killed it! They had about 8 members come in order to do role plays. The sister training leaders also did a really good training followed by a delicious lunch. One of the best missionary meals that I have ever had. I also found out that Elder Tanner is youtube famous. He has a channel called the tannerites. Apparently they are very popular.

We left bordeaux for Toulouse and my favorite part of the night was the public transportation that we took on the way back to the apartment. The first guy that I talked to knew who we were, but he wasn't interested. The lady that I talked to also knew exactly who we were and I gave her a card because we only had like 20 seconds. It was cool to see that people were informed.

The Toulouse Zone Conference went well too, even though it is a really small zone. They have been losing a lot of equipes to illness or other things. We were going to go to steak and shake after the conference but we didn't have time.

In the car, I have been reading the scriptures because I am trying to finish my goal before I leave. (I actually finished the whole bible today, so i'm stoked about that.)

Some members in Montpellier made us dinner and it was really good. For mangos in Montpellier we went and played basketball. It was really fun because everyone there knew how to play pretty well. I was one of the worse players.

After montpellier we were off to Nice. Nice is one of the most beautiful cities. I am always so happy to be there. President did his interviews in the evening and then took me to dinner. That was really kind of him. And when I say that he took me to dinner, I just mean that we ordered room service and then the Elders came and picked me up and I went to their apartment. The next morning Elder Brown gave me the last haircut that I think that I will need.

I got to proselyte with the Nice zone leaders after the conference. One of their investigators cut me off while i was talking and remarked that we all had nice nails. he said, "you never bite your nails? Are you just never stressed?" We explained that we have stressful things in our lives but that we can lean on God. He said, "well, if it works for you, it must work for me too!"

Our car got broken into. The only thing that they really stole was Elder Wibergs phone. It's worth about 10 dollars though. I also had a Primark watch that I left in there. I had just found it in the apartment and it wasn't even working anymore. The original price of the watch was probably 10 euros. However, as a joke, I wrote rolex on the back with the crown and everything. They stole that probably thinking that it was worth a lot more that it was. They left to two gps though. I really think that they got the worse end of the deal.

On saturday, we went to fenocchios with everyone in Nice. It is very good.

Sunday was good as alsways. We taught Timeo. He will be baptized this saturday.

With love,
Elder Marshall Cluff Underwood

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