Monday, March 27, 2017

Broken Ankles

This Monday, we went with a member in our ward to tour the traboules in Lyon. They are pretty specific to this city. They are alleyways that lead all around the place. They have been used for many things such as the silk trade to running away from the cops. Super cool sights and I hope I'll get to go back. That evening, we played soccer with a little recent convert. He's having a really hard time and he was so happy to play with us.

On Tuesday I went on an exchange with elder Fiala from Bordeaux. I met a lot of cool people including a lot of students. I got one girls number and then found out that she was 15. Oh well, let the truth roll forth right?

Our ecully conference was beautiful. Elder Wade gave his departing testimony and it was really sad. We also did a musical number and I did find my note until the 2nd verse.

We invited our investigator Suzanne to be baptized. It's great to see her start making changes in her life.

I'm loving this. I love sharing the beautiful message of the restored gospel with people. Spring has hit and it hit hard here in France. When I think about spring, I think about our creator. It was He that created spring. I believe that the idea of hope must have crossed his mind as he watched the flowers bloom. For me, spring is a beautiful representation of hope.

Here's a story from Bastia! 

“Last transfer, while organizing the Branch, President Vendassi felt to extend a call to a less active sister with whom they had been meeting for quite some time. So, he talked with her husband first to explain to him what would happen. The importance of this meeting was to share with him that she would need his support and then to ask if he was prepared. The calling was extended to her after her husband did, indeed, accept to live up to this responsibility.
After a couple weeks of reflection, this faithful sister accepted and embraced her calling, and came to church with her husband. The Vendassi family started meeting with them very frequently from that moment on, feeding her husband’s curiosity more and more each time. They attended sacrament meeting the three weeks following. Then, this week, while concluding a RCM, President Vendassi was inspired by The Spirit to call him. This he did, setting a meeting for later that day.
That afternoon, to the Elders’ great surprise, they received a call from President Vendassi telling them that this brother had decided to be baptized... the next day. After an unplanned interview by the district leader, he demonstrated his humble desire and worthiness to take upon himself the name of Christ, always remember Him, and keep his commandments. He was baptized on a beautiful spring morning; a great representation of the hope that took root, budded, and blossomed within his soul.”

Elder Marshall Underwood 

 Saw the Fidalgo family in Geneva

L'entrecote for President's birthday

Monday, March 20, 2017

Double Trouble

Quick recap of the last two weeks.

We did the mission leadership council and it was so good! We weretalking about faith and elder Connell raised his hand and brought up a story about the savior. He told the story and got really emotional. We then asked him to read our next slide and it was the same exact story that we had planned to share. You could say it's chance but there are quite a few stories in the scriptures that deal with faith. You can tell when a meeting is led by the Spirit.

Elder Wade left for Nice with president so it was just Elder Menzel and I and we found a man that accepted to be baptized. What a miracle! Elder Menzel also taught a woman while I played soccer with her son. That explains our companionship pretty well.

We left early last Monday to get to Nice. We played basketball with the other missionaries and went to Monaco even! That evening we ate at the Cresto family's house because they knew elder Wade when he was in Nice. She got super excited when she said that she worked at Longchamp and asked if I knew it. I said, "de Paris?" And then we were friends. I asked her son to say peace out and he said, "pistache."

We ran to the beach and skipped rocks in Nice. I love that place. The conference went beautifully and we had a presentation on the sacrament in a grove of olive trees. Very spiritual and very edifying.

After the conference, we got the best ice cream in the world- Fenocchios. What a beautiful day.

We then had 3 exchanges in a row. Elder Hekking, Elder Wilkey, and Elder Sebra. It was great to work with elder Wilkey again.

Yesterday, we met a guy that we had seen on a bus about a week ago and we went to sit by the river. We had a beautiful meeting and we taught him the restoration. He was sincere and wanted to know. We committed him to be baptized at the end of next month. He will receive and answer if he searches it diligently.

Elder Marshall Underwood