Monday, July 24, 2017

Le thon du saint esprit

I've been driving to Bordeaux today with the Browns. This is just my journal for the week (I stopped having time to write in my paper one). Too bad. I love you!

Lun 17 Juillet 2017
Today we had Timmy time. Timéo will be baptized on the fifth. When we asked him to pray, he started by saying, "Bonjour Père Céleste." Later we asked him about something else (I don't remember the question) but his answer was, "Au moins, je dirais ... BEAUCOUP!" When we were talking about the authority and power that prophets had, and Timéo said, "oh yeah, like the power that Elijah had to unite families." We were awestruck when he said that! That was so amazing that he knew that. We stuck with that for the rest of he lesson. 

Mar 18 Juillet 2017
Obrecht move: they gave me a fondue machine. They are really so great. They will definitely be missed in Ecully but they will do a great job over there in Confluence. I had him write his email in my little book. 
Faith with sœur Zinn: We picked up sœur Zinn and went to see Faith. Faith was kind of excited to see us but then she just lit up when she saw sister Zinn! She didn't say yes to her baptismal dates but I know hat she will be baptized as soon as she can!
Mami sleeping chicken nuggets: we saw mamie siles and I was so tired. I actually fell asleep and had a dream that I was lifting my legs off of the ground in order to stay awake! She brought us out some biscuits and elder Wiberg said that they looked like chicken nuggets. That made me laugh so hard! I was literally crying in Mamies house. 

Mer 19 Juillet 2017
Finish exchange with Montpellier
Cookies to Bastides family
Teach Bastian with Uno and 3 ne 17
Marie-France and Johan fall through with Giuliana. Went to teach Farrell instead. 
Mebodo fell through so we had a Corsican porting experience.

Jeu 20 Juillet 2017
Exchange with Elder Wetenkamp. Taught Timéo with Lea and Giuliana. They balled so hard! Amandine wasn't the happiest that we brought them, but they were so amazing. If I can just find a wife that was like them when she was a jeune fille, I will be happy. 
We went to teach Juliet with Eric but she cancelled, so we did a comp study with him. He was so grateful and he will be a great missionary. 
In the evening we had RCM at brother Bastides home and it went really well. His wife made some of the best lentils that I have ever had! Their family is so cute and I'm so happy that he is our dmp. 

Ven 21 Juillet 2017
We started the day with Erica. They made us a great BBQ! I am always so happy to go to their house. Hey are just so cute and happy and sunshiney. Afterwards, we went to teach Juliet with Eric. She is struggling a little bit but Eric remembered exactly what to teach and we gave her a blessing. 
We then taught Timéo and Mily the gospel. Some great quotes were, "le repenticession," "le thon du saint esprit" and, "est-ce que vous voulez le don du saint esprit? Oui, comme ça je peux aller au Céleste." What a great lesson. 
We then ate with sister Barachant. I think that she is losing it a little bit. But she's so good to us. 

Sam 22 Juillet 2017
We helped the Aigbedions move. All of the missionaries were so full of energy, running up and down the stairs. It was so great for them to be able to move into something bigger. 
The quades fell through, but we were able to find a great girl named Matilde. She didn't really know what to think about God, but she was very interested in knowing if he was actually there. I am glad that I can still have experiences like that for the rest of my life. All I need to do is pray for missionary experiences and invite. 
Lucy got baptized today by Elder Fiala. She has totally flipped her life around. When she came up out of the water, she giggled a little bit just because she couldn't contain her happiness. What a girl. 

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